Company Profile


Fleckvieh Genetics (EA) Ltd is registered under Company Laws of Kenya. It comprises of professionally qualified employees fit for their various duties. Our Company adheres to strict recruitment process by recruiting compitent personel in the technical department with a practical experience of at least five years at the time of employment and possess a certificate of animal health and a certificate in artificial insemination from recognized institutions.

The company has a code of conduct in place which all staff undertake to adhere to at the time of recruitment. Our staff operate under a strict code of conduct and in adherence to the Director of Veterinary Service regulations, our staff are a show of professionalism.

In addition, Fleckvieh Genetics EA Ltd sells semen to qualified personnel only. For viability, random samples are taken to the director of veterinary services for check up on a quarterly basis.

We also advice farmers to always demand valid identification cards from inseminators as evidence of his qualifications. Additionally we advice farmers to demand for straws after every insemination as evidence of use of Fleckvieh semen