Farmers Experiences


"Since I started using Fleckvieh Semen, I have never been let down by it in terms of conception" said Fred, an inseminator in Eldoret. "My farmers tell me to continue using Fleckvieh on their cows after experiencing the rate of growth of Fleckvieh crosses." he added.

Another farmer from Vihiga has been buying Fleckvieh crosses and inseminates them using Fleckvieh semen. She is buying the heifers of between 10 - 14 months at between kshs. 80,000 and kshs. 100,000. Amazing!!

Farmers are excited about the growth rate of the Fleckvieh crosses (F1) born in various parts of East Africa. "The growth rate is amazing..My Fleckvieh cross calf is twice the size of the other calf from the other breeds...I want to keep on using Fleckvieh!" said a farmer in Eldoret

A farmer in Kiambu sold his one year old Fleckvieh/Holstein cross for kshs. 100,000 to another farmer in Kwale County at the Coast. He was smiling all the way to the bank. The bull at this time was more than 500kg. The farmers are happy with the dual purpose Fleckvieh because they are getting good bonuses after the sale of their Fleckvieh F1 bulls.

A lot of cross breeding is going on at the Coast of East Africa with local Sahiwal breeds and F1's are already being calved. We are pleased to get to the F2's. "The heterosis in Fleckvieh is very good. The breed improvement will be phenomenal", commented a farmer at Nyancheri farm, Kisii County.