Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1. Can my local cow e.g. Ayrshire, Boran, and Friesian carry the pregnancy of Fleckvieh bulls to term and calf without difficulty?

This should not pose a problem because most of the Fleckvieh have been proven for calving ease in their breeding and the incidenced of dystocia are very low if any.

Question 2. Which is the best cow to cross with Fleckvieh?
Fleckvieh can be crossbred with all breeds as long as the heifer is mature enough and has the required pelvic diameters to give birth with ease. We recommend an evaluation by a vet before breeding a heifer or even by an experienced inseminator

Question 3. What is the feeding regime of a Fleckvieh ?
Fleckvieh is a dual purpose breed which has a very efficient metabolism and is able to convert most of the food eaten into muscle and milk. The animal has an 'Efficient food conversion Rate' hence it consumes on average less than the other dairy breeds. This gives it a distinct advantage of being an economic animal.

Question 4. What are the advantages of Fleckvieh over other breeds?
The Fleckvieh advantage over the other breeds is purely economic. It has a higher return on investment in terms of meat and milk in relation to the amount of food input given to the animal compared to other breeds

Question 5. What is the average milk production from Fleckvieh cow?
The average milk production of Fleckvieh cow depends on the sire used for breeding but on average the production starts around 25-30kg on the first lactation and this increases to 30-35kg on second lactation, on third lactation, it can go up to 40-45kg depending on management. This is crucial for these production figures to be realized.

Question 6. Which is the best climate for the fleckvieh cow?
It can survive in any climate, may it be hot, cold, dry or wet. This is because it has high vitality and virility

Question 7. Is Fleckvieh the best breed?
This depends on what a particular farmer wants from the particular breed, but in terms of returns on investment and economic gains, Fleckvieh is the best.

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